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Next Parish Council Meeting

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, 27th October, 2021 at 8.00pm, in the Village Hall. At present remote council meetings are not permitted and current government guidelines restrict numbers according to venue size, please see details on agenda. If you have a question for the parish council, please submit it, by email, by close Monday 25th October to the Parish Clerk:

Please note that this is a meeting of the Parish Council at which important items of business are conducted. The public are welcome to attend to observe the proceedings. There is a public participation session on every agenda where we invite members of the public to raise questions on items which appear on the agenda. The Council is not obliged to answer questions but will endeavour to do so, where possible.  

In view of Covid regulations the Village Hall can only accommodate 29 people (22 in the main hall and 7 in the green room).  Would you please arrive at the meeting by 7.30pm in order to enable the necessary arrangements to be completed.   Chairs will be set out to comply with social distancing regulations.  You will be required to wear a face mask and hand sanitizer will be available.  If more than 29 people are present the Council will have to take appropriate mitigating actions.

Debden Green and Hamperden End Speed Survey

There’s still time to respond to the Debden Green Speed Survey before we approach Essex Highways, but the survey is ending soon. Please email your response/forms to Cllr. Brian Lindsell:

Debden parish poll – 20 May 2021

A parish poll was held in Debden on Thursday 20 May 2021.

At a parish meeting for the Parish of Debden held on 12 March 2020 a poll was demanded on the following question:

Do you support the building of a village hall for Debden on the current site?

A poll on the said question was held on Thursday 20 May 2021 between the hours of 4:00pm and 9:00pm.


Notice of Poll
Link to Uttlesford notice

Local Plan Theme 7 – Local Economy
Consultation on this theme will commence after the Forum’s meeting on
Wednesday 24 February 2021.…
If you would like to watch the meeting live, please note the start time of 7pm and to join use the link:…/reg…/WN_Y1U__RasQji7FhUI1lZs0A
For more information on the local plan please visit:
#Uttlesford #LocalPlan #GetInvolved #JoinTheConversation #PleaseShare


Stephanie WatsonChair

(Events, Pavilion, Neighbourhood Watch) 01799 540721

April Gardner Vice Chair

(Playground, Publicity, website) 01799 542288

Clive Bunting
(Open spaces and Allotments) 01799 5402239

Charlotte Diggins
(Debden Parish Pump Magazine, Debden School and Publicity) 01799 541270

April Gardner
(Playground, Publicity) 01799 542288

Brian Lindsell
(Footpaths, Transport, Rights of Way, Wimbish Station/Carver Barracks) 01799 542569

Stewart Luck 01799 540866

Jeanette O’Brien
(Village Hall, Shop & Neighbourhood plan) 01799 542881

Christine Griffin Parish Clerk 01799 540587